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Adobe Software Installations (Article #807)

Created on November 20, 2013
Last Modified on February 12, 2021
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Adobe Software Installations

There are three types of Adobe software installations available at Towson University: Adobe Creative Cloud Software (Adobe CC), Adobe Plugins, and Other Adobe Applications not included in the other types. Below are details for each including information on  how to obtain them.

Towson Univerisity signed on to the Adobe-MEEC agreement in August 2013 with the intention of making Adobe CC software available at no cost to computer labs and classrooms. The university also provides Adobe software to faculty and staff that need the software for Towson University academic, research, or business purposes. Adobe has discontinued the Adobe Creative Suite applications and replaced them with Adobe CC. University colleges and departments are encouraged to migrate their labs, classrooms, and faculty/staff computers from old versions of Adobe Creative Suite software to Adobe CC during 2014.

For personally-owned computers, see the Personal Computers section at the bottom of this article.

1. Adobe CC Software
For information on Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC), see Towson's Adobe CC Software web site.
For a complete list of Adobe CC packages and applications, see the List of Adobe CC applications (PDF). 

Adobe CC Updates:
by design, updates for Adobe applications are distributed by OTS yearly on a quarterly schedule, for information and procedures for  installing Adobe CC updates, see Knowledge Base article Adobe CC Software Updates.

Computer labs and classrooms: Adobe CC applications are licensed under the MEEC agreement for university-owned computers.  Adobe CC applications are bundled in packages and deployed over the Towson network. Student Technology Fees pay the annual license fee for the software to install in classrooms and computer labs. Faculty and staff:  may request an Adobe CC installation on their office computer. These requests require that their chairperson or supervisor approve Adobe software requests by submitng a TechHelp service request for on behalf of each faculty or staff member. For Adobe request instructions, see Adobe Software Request Procedures.

2.  Other Adobe Applications
For all other Adobe applications not included above in Adobe CC or plug-ins such as Captivate, go to the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) web site below, open the “Software” menu and contact the vender listed under Adobe for information, availability, and pricing at:

Personal Computers
Students, faculty, and staff that are interested in obtaining Adobe software for their personal computers can contact Adobe directly at  Search for the “Student and Teacher pricing” for education purchasing or leasing discounts and deals.

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