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Note: This tool has been RETIRED. Future account activations will occur in the new NetID Management System going live on Monday, March 15th.

Activate Your NetID (Step 1 of 3)

Welcome to Towson University's NetID Activation page. This process will allow you to establish your online identity at Towson University and only needs to be followed the first time you use your NetID. The NetID you activate today will remain for as long as you are a student or faculty/staff member at Towson University, and will be used to send and receive e-mail, access online course material, register for courses, or retrieve grades.

To begin the NetID activation process, please perform the following steps:

  1. Specify whether you are Faculty/Staff or Student.
  2. Enter your Last Name.
  3. Enter either the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, or your 7-digit TowsonID Number.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth in the dropdown boxes.
  5. Once complete, click Confirm My Identity to continue.

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